dapperQ MarQet: Dapper/Hi Femme Gifts that Support dapperQ!

  • Do you enjoy dapperQ? We hope so! And, if you do, what you might not know is that we are a QPOC led volunteer collective – most of us with day jobs as nurses, defense attorneys, non-profit activists, etc. – that, in addition to working on nights and weekends to produce events and digital content for our community, raises minimal revenue to support technical infrastructure, panels, and large-scale fashion shows. So, we have decided to launch the dapperQ MarQet, our picks of apparel, accessories, tech items, and travel gear that we think our readers will enjoy and that will help support our mission through affiliate links. We’re kicking off dapperQ’s marQet with holiday gift picks:




Topman Pastel Pink Camouflage Bomber Jacket. Originally $100, now $38.00. Buy here.


Wildfang “Wild Feminist” tee, $40.00. Buy here.


Adidas shirt dress, originally $70.00 now $49.00. Buy here.


Topman Embroidered Coach Jacket. Originally $95.00, now $45.00. Buy here.




Only a few of these Adidas gold cap toe sneaks left across the internet! $100 at Bloomingdales. Buy here.


Black “Hiker Boot,” $48.00. Buy here.

Velvet “Hiking Boot,” originally $98.00 now $51.00. Buy here.

ASOS HAZARDOUS Embellished Heeled Sandals, $72. Buy here.




Cut out beach coverup, $75.00. Buy here.

Harmonic Bow III Flip Flop, $54.95. Buy here.


Pineapple sunglasses, $10.00. Buy here.


Orlebar Brown Board Shorts, $345 (lux, but totally worth every penny). Buy here.


Happy Hour beach slides, $29.95. Buy here.




Wildfang suiting, pricing varies. Buy here.


ASOS Jogger with Pearl Embellishment,$56.00. Buy here.


Plus gold mirror dot sequin bodycon dress, $96.00. Buy here.


ASOS PLUS Super Skinny Blazer With Phoenix Print, $127. Buy here.



We have one top winner for this category, and that is the waterproof GoPro! Our Editor-in-Chief, Anita Dolce Vita, received a GoPro for an anniversary gift and was skeptical as to whether this little gadget was truly waterproof and what type of digital content can be captured with it. While the GoPro is still improving with every iteration, even the most basic, least expensive version (ranging $150-200) captures action shots and underwater video and images, such as this from Anita’s Trip in Barbados:


The absolute coolest thing about the GoPro, in Anita’s opinion, is that you can create 5, 10, and 15 second clips of videos (great for InstaStories) AND you can also freeze frame to pull pictures from videos as well, such as this:

The most basic GoPro comes with the video camera with helmet attachments (for biking and boarding):

GoPro HERO, $149. Buy here.

What the starter package does NOT come with are any “selfie-sticks” or stands. Anita purchased the GoPro Handler, which is a floating hand grip with wrist band. The floaty ACTUALLY WORKS, so if you drop your camera in the water, it floats to the top and you do not need to worry about your new toy sinking to the bottom.

GoPro floating hand grip, $29.99. Buy here.

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