WE ARE MORTALS: Gender-Free Urban Streetwear

WE ARE MORTALS is a homogeneous urban streetwear brand with an artistic, futuristic sensibility, that challenges conventional myths and mores surrounding gender identity. MORTALS seeks to free the need for its customers to limit themselves to traditional gender stereotypes.


Many dapperQ readers who do not regularly dress in preppy or business attire complain that the new crop of queer-centric clothing brands are designing collections that are primarily comprised of formal wear: suits, ties, button-downs and the like. Design-minded dapperQs understand that traditional formal attire is not the only way of being stylish. MORTALS’ impressive initial collection delivers in offering a gender-neutral alternative for the fashion-forward fashionist@ who appreciates both cutting edge style and comfort.

We Are Mortals 1

We are Mortals 2


MORTALS Founder Anji Becker has taken her brand onto Kickstarter in search of support for the initial U.S. production and marketing of what she views as a fun, fashion-forward collection with a message. Designed by the Los Angeles-based Becker, WE ARE MORTALS is an expressive collection that is equal parts uber street fashion and social canvas. “By removing the stereotypical gender designations from our clothing, we hope to help facilitate a cultural shift in the way we view gender and sexuality,” explains Becker.

Designed to sell online and through select retailers, WE ARE MORTALS items are priced to retail from about $80-150. All items are designed and produced in the heart of the creative downtown Los Angeles fashion district.

We Are Mortals 4

Want more WE ARE MORTALS? Support them on Kickstarter here or visit their website here. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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