Whipsmart Book Trailer by Whipsmart DapQ Director

siniSini Anderson’s a Brooklyn-based dapperQ who has just directed this tangy new book trailer (whu?) for Whipsmart by Melissa Febos. Once you think about it, the concept of book trailers makes perfect sense; but it can’t be a literal re-telling if it’s gonna grab me.  Gotta bring art to the art if I’m gonna download it to my precious Kindle (which I am)!

I’m glad to count Sini as one of my friends, having watched her command crowds as a performer at the Michigan Women’s Music Fest over several years.  She’s also been providing her savvy to how we will be rolling with dapperQ in the coming months – ncluding making sure that the site is welcoming to all comers including straight women.  Admit it, you thought I was gonna say transmen.

boThe trailer is edited by one of the most stylish bio boys I know, Bo Mehrad.  He’s pictured on the left (red tie) in this great photo by teamrockstar.com Bo turned me on to London-based Merc Suits two years ago so this summer I trotted down  Saville Row and picked up a deep blue 44R blazer!

Last time we were at his house, I told my wife to fake a seizure so I can get in his closet and rip shit off.

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