R. Maddow Buttons It Up

R. MaddowShe’s not known to hold her tongue when it comes to calling the cranksters on their crap.  But as the photo to the left demonstrates, Rachel does know how to button it up when it comes to sporting a tie.

She is undeniably dapperQ.  But I’d like to suggest that this one anti-establishment, transgressive sartorial choice – buttoning that top button – establishes Rachel as  dapperQ Ground Zero.   Like the dapperQs you will meet through the pages of this site,  she stands out because she isn’t willing to be anything less than fully authentic (even if the suits at MSNBC require that she dumb down her fashion sense on camera).

Rachel’s expression may indicate that she is joshing with us, but with that top button closed, not so much.  I’m not saying every dapperQ should button the top button.  I know that when I do (75% of the time), the gender police seem to be more antagonized than when I leave that button open.  And, honestly, that kinda makes me want to do it even more.

IMG_2174Yesterday I met with Robin Cloud, an immensely talented comedian, writer, and artist (pictured to the right) who both identifies as dapperQ, and buttons up when she sports a tie.  In fact, she was buttoned up while covering the Pill Awards for Under the Pink Carpet Monday night. And it didn’t sit right with her when a drag queen complimented her for being in drag as well.  Robin is plenty serious about her fashion, and wearing a tie with the top button buttoned is a reflection of her flair.  It’s not a costume.

If you choose to button up, our job is to help you better understand how your collar should lay, how you should select the right tie, and the get a shirt with the right collar size.  Rachel, Robin and me button up, but Alli Miller thinks it’s uncool.  How about you?

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  • Excellent observation. Not something I’ve noted before. It is, as you say, profoundly transgressive. Like a man in a clavicle-exposing shirt.

    I think it can look *great*, but it has to be done well. Not everyone can pull off the buttoned-up look with panache. It has to be worn with confidence and probably a great set of cufflinks.

  • Indeed. I try to have panache in everything I wear :). My true test of the buttoned up look is when I ride the 2 train and older Black women stop and stare…sometimes I can even manage to get a smile out of them.

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