We’re on Vaca: Stylish Characters from the Best Summer Films

The dapperQ staff is on a long-awaited summer vacation. So to keep you entertained and stylish, we rounded up some of our favorite stylish movie characters from summer vacation movies. Let the inspiration (and possibly laughter) begin…


The entire cast of The Talented Mr. Ripley

Talented Mr

Talented 3

Talented Mr2

Seriously, we can all learn a thing or two about how to vacation in style from this film. Not a fanny pack, cargo short, or a pair of Berkinstocks in sight! Images from top to bottom via Kookie London, Tweedland: The Gentleman’s Club, and A/K.

Vinnie and Richie, Summer of Sam



Your knee-jerk reaction might be, “These styles are almost as scary as the movie.” But, Vinny (top, played by John Lequizamo) and Richie (bottom, played by Adrien Brody) really exemplified the popular styles of that summer. The juxtaposition of disco-chic and punk reflects the tensions of that time. However, these styles are not long forgotten; Hipsters are  bringing back and/or updating 70s trends. Top image via Blog Critics; Bottom image via Nearly Vintage.

David Wooderson, Dazed and Confused



Alright, alright, alright! All Wooderson (played by Matthew McConaughey) needs now is a couple of cold PBRs and a trendy diet (think paleo) and his stache and vintage tee would fit right into modern day Williamsburg, BK. Top image via Cinepata; Bottom image via Erb Magazine.

Danny Zuko, Grease 



Oh John Travolta. Not only did he give a spectacular dance performance as Danny, but he demonstrated that, what it comes to summer lovin’, the devil is in the details. A simple white button-down wouldn’t do. Oh no; You must rock pink (and matching socks too!). Also, a leather jacket goes a long way in making a t-shirt and slacks look effortlessly cool. Top image via Amazon; Bottom image via South Pond Farms.

Tripper, Meatballs


Bill Murray as Tripper embodies all that is trendy right now. First, cargo shorts are taking a long hiatus thanks to brands like Chubbies who have an official “Cargo Embargo,” advising customers to ditch bulky, long shorts with so many pockets that most people do not even use. (Why all the pockets?) The new motto championed by Chubbies: Sky’s Out, Thighs Out! Second, GQ is calling tropical prints the new camo. Even Qwear noticed how hot the tropical trend is now. Image via Dissolve.

The Dance Crew from Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing 1

Dirty Dancing 2

Dirty Dancing 3

Dirty Dancing showed us that no one puts style in the corner…not even in the woods.

The Cast of Do the Right Thing



Authentic Brooklyn. Often imitated, never duplicated! Top image via Politics, Priorities, Psychology & Hope within the Black Community; Middle image via Kristy Samone; Bottom image via MTV.

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