Your Emergency 911 Dinah Shore/Spring Break/Vacation/Beach, etc. Swimsuit Guide

Swimsuit shopping sucks, especially when you cannot find swimwear that reflects your identity. Options are still significantly lacking for dapperQs. With Dinah Shore, spring break, late winter vacations, and summer beaching just around the corner, we put together a short, quick-and-dirty emergency swimwear post for you.

We’ve already published two swimwear posts (Part I and Part II) that included ideas for combining rash guards, board shorts, tank tops, and vintage swim bottoms. Here are just a few ensembles we put together for those posts. But, be sure to visit them here and here for more detailed tips and links to individual.







Some of these pieces are still available, but some have since sold out. However, you can use these as inspiration when you shop. It’s often helpful to have an idea of what you’re looking for before you start your search, particularly when you’re mixing and matching tops and bottoms. Search terms like “rash guard,” “board shorts,” “retro swim trunks,” and “anchor tank tops” can help narrow your online searches. For maximum impact, play with colors and mix patterns.

Sports bras are often a dapperQ’s swimwear go to. But, many of our readers are just plain board with wearing sports bras to swim when it seems that everyone else has a wider range of fashionable options. Here are some of our favorite gender-neutral, androgynous and “tomboy” sports bra alternatives that are available online right now. They can be paired with bottoms in a variety of lengths to achieve the coverage you desire.

Lesbian Swimwear

This Neo What Perfecto reversible zip tankini top has a sleek tomboy edge that is reminiscent of a leather biker jacket. This is a more fashion-forward option than a plain sports bra and can be paired with black retro swim trunks or “boy-cut” swim bottoms of varying lengths. You can purchase this top from Body Glove here.

Lesbian Swimwear Dinah Shore

The Monterey Neoprene tankini top is another stylish tank top alternative and can also be paired with a wide range of bottoms, from board shorts to “boy-cut” swim shorts. They’re selling out fast. There are a few left at Seea here.

Tomboy Lesbian Swimsuit
The Bomb colorblock takini top by Rip Curl offers the same versatility as the Monterey and Neo (can be paired with a variety of bottoms), but has a more sporty, rather than hipster or biker, aesthetic. This top is available for purchase at Nordstrom here.

If you are going to opt for a sports bra, check out this Nike 2-in-1 Training Tank Top with a built in Nike Pro Bra. The neon yellow adds a pop of color, and the perforated black tank incorporates an element of the Goth-meets-sportswear trend that is all the rage. Check it out at Nike here.

Lesbian Swim
The BECCA Virtue Meshed Up Zip Up Tankini Top has a similar feel to the Nike top above, but it’s more fitted. You can pair this top with its matching bottoms or mix and match with board shorts, retro swim trunks, or “boy cut” swim bottoms. Available here at Bloomingdales.



DANAE swimwear offers a range of suits that are handmade in Amsterdam, Holland and specifically designed with trans-identified customers in mind. Both their one and two piece suits can be customized to your unique measurements at an additional cost. Check out the Trans-vormer 305 one piece suit here.

Alternatives to Board Shorts
Board shorts are such a dapperQ swimwear essential that everyone will be rocking them. You can mix and match board shorts with any of the above tops to create an effortlessly stylish swimwear ensemble. However, this year, we challenge you to separate yourself from the board short pack. If you need a reason to accept this challenge, GQ highly recommends sleek swim trunks that fall above the knee for a more tailored look. Here are some head-turning board short alternatives that are flattering and less baggy.

These Setai Printed Stretch Retro Swim Trunks will go with just about every swim top we recommended above. The best part about retro-inspired swim trunks is that if you get them in a great color/pattern combo, you can throw a stylish t-shirt on when you’re done swimming, head to the outdoor bar, and look totally put together. parke & ronen have a wide selection of 2″ swim trunks, including these, here.


“Men’s” swim briefs are a great alternative to the traditional bikini bottoms and “boy cut” suits that you’ll find in many “women’s” sections, because they offer more coverage. These Soild D-Buckle Ibiza Square Cut Briefs, which also go with basically every top above, are from parke & ronen.


If you like the length of the Ibiza shorts above but want a bit more breathing room, try a short, athletic, tie-front swim or workout short. Scroll up and take a look at the Bomb colorblock tankini top again. Notice how nicely tie-front shorts pair with swim tops? These Zehuni swim trunks are available here at Amazon.

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  • Omg I LOVE this, was just having a conversation the other day with a friend who was saying there are no good options for GNC people in swim wear

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