Classy White Wedding Tux and Gay-Friendly Vendor!

Kathleen, who heads, just sent me a link to a story on that she knew dapperQ’s would like.  It’s got a good ending, but a part of the challenge that Raven and the rest of us face can be found in this quote, when she thought she was close with ivory tails that fit but a jackass at Selix Formalwear didn’t quit:

Liz and I, like most of you reading this I imagine, only want to deal with gay friendly vendors. After working with this salesman for about 20 or 30 minutes he began filling out a form for my wedding and he looked right at me and said “and what’s the groom’s name?” I laughed, smiled weakly, and waited for him to correct himself. He never did. I had made it perfectly clear that I was wearing a tux at my wedding and the other bride was wearing a dress. But he still thought there was a groom… somehow. I also found the little posters that mentioned the second coming of Christ to be a bit ominous…

This quote comes from the first post Raven wrote about her search and it was through a comment on that post from Israel at Tuxedo Fashions that she found her gay-friendly vendor.

Raven is pictured in the photo to the right and although you can’t see the tails, you can see the big old smile. Morals of the story:

a.) Bigots live in the Bay Area, too,b.) Compromising your values isn’t a solid place to start your marriage, c.) The right shoes can make you feel like Fred Astaire (especially if your bride is good with child psychology), d.) Persistence pays. Mazel tov!

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