Gay Wed in a Chinese Silk Jacket?

I’m in Louisville, Kentucky jamming in a friend’s office attic on the first chapter of the dapperQ Style Guide which focuses on weddings and formal wear.  Today I approved a comment on Custom-Made Wedding Suits which suggested dapperQ’s take a look at Good Orient which offers silk and linen jackets in traditional Chinese style. The prices are very modest while the verbage on the site says “a well-tailored, handsome jacket will make you the hit of any event” and that these “handsome jackets on the market to enhance your rugged good looks…” Damn, how did they know about your rugged good looks?

red jacket

Obviously, you have to be feeling this kind of look but I think this a great alternative to suits and dresses. Gorgeous silk patterns can make you both look yummy. Just a thought…

white jacket

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  • I agree with Lauren, it really depends who’s wearing it. This could be a neat resource for dapperQs who want to bring some of their heritage to their fashion choices. But I think wearing traditional clothing of a culture not your own (especially in the context of a white person wearing something from a foreign POC culture) is appropriation.

  • I agree with both Lauren and Meg…It’s like if a white person was wearing a Dashiki… all though I would find it ballsy and funny as a heck if I seen it 1st hand. LOL

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