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Like your old pal, dapperQ, Jac Mestel has a passion for transgressing men’s fashion.

According to Jac, a 23-year-old from Boston, here’s why:

I’m passionate because I’ve been there, scrounging around the boy’s department trying on things that look awesome, but don’t often fit right. I’m usually that size that’s right between boy’s and men’s sizes that they never quite have in stores (especially with shoes). Likewise, I’ve also had my fill of sifting through women’s clothes for the more masculine styles only to find the least feminine female clothes still manage to accentuate the more womanly features of my body that I prefer to hide.

I’m that person that needs all the help they can get when it comes to clothes. I know what I like, but I have a hard time finding it and sometimes end up buying things that look cooler on the rack than on my body. I feel like if I had more specific resources, I wouldn’t have to try so hard to just look like the person I know I am inside. Where is that happy medium between style and fit? I don’t know of any clothes made specifically for us “bois” or DapperQs and sometimes trying to find them on my own can be frustrating, time consuming, and not always prejudice-free. I don’t expect the gender-binary world to understand my qualms anytime soon, so I’ve decided to try to find a tactile solution myself.

Jac, pictured right and quite dapperQ, believes the first step to these challenges is to find out how many other people feel the same and build on their collective knowledge. I’ve been woefully remiss in posting the link and extending Jac’s invitation to complete the survey but you can find it here on Jac’s site called “The Boi’s Department.” So far the data collected has revealed that about half of those people that wear men’s clothes who were born girls say that it’s hard for them to find clothes with the right fit and style. The other half says that they either find the right style and need to alter the clothes or they find clothes that fit, but are unhappy with the style. That means that only about 10% are completely satisfied with their shopping conquests.

It takes literally five minutes to fill out the survey. Jac has promised to share the final results with us as well so give it your best shot?

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