"Bespoke" means custom!

According to Wikipedia, bespoke is “a British English term employed in a variety of applications to mean an item custom-made to the buyer’s specification. While applied to many items now, from computer software to luxury car appointments, the term historically was only applied to tailored clothing, shirts and other parts of men’s apparel involving measurement and fitting.”

But somebody might want to use Bespoke as their rap name. Or I might suggest it to Shannon as a first child name alternative to “Sterling.” At a minimum, let me suggest that you casually drop the term at your the next “cocktail” party.

ed2Anything British usually sounds to expensive for my thrift-shopping, middlin’ middle-class, Southern home-styled self. But dapperQ enthusiast Kathleen sent in a little bespoke resource via our contact form that I checked out (okay, stumbled upon) yesterday in Midtown called MySuitNY. I spoke with Chike Walker who told me that he has had a “few” women use the stores services for custom made suits,  70% of which can be had for the base price of $495. When I asked him if the store was interested in our business, he looked a little confused. I said, “I’m asking you if my money is green here?” and he readily affirmed it was.

I’ve got a dapperQ (she’s famous so don’t expect pictures) who is willing to go build a suit with me and Chike. Hell, I might suggest to Shan that we forego children altogether and apply what we would have spent on college tuition to my some my own bespoke bundles of joy.

Went to see the coincidentally very British movie”An Education” with Shan afterword and the suits worn by the Peter Sarsgaard were goading my fantasies of indulgence further (because I was NOT thinking about his gorgeous wife Maggie Gyllenhaal.)  What if a growing number of dapperQ’s began to sport bespoke suits that really fit us — complimented by bright, richly colored ties, shirts, socks and buttery leather wingtips?

I’ll keep you posted on MySuitNY.  You keep me posted on other options like this (thanks, Kathleen!)   Let’s rock this country with our bespoke selves…

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