A Very Dapper Engagement: Veronica and Erica

When we heard that a good friend of the dapperQ family, Veronica Paige McRipley, was recently engaged to Erica Ragel Solomon we couldn’t be any more happy for the duo. Then, we saw the engagement photos start to leak on Instagram and nearly fell off our chairs in amazement over how stunning the proposal was. The proposal took place in a luxury Miami high rise adorned with elegant chandeliers. The couple’s exquisite attire and spectacular rings sparkled against the Miami sea and sky. And, as if our community isn’t breaking all the rules in style as it is, Veronica proposed to Erica, smashing all hetero and queer-normative expectations about how femmes should behave in relationships. Oh, Hi Femme! #POWERFEMME

Photos by Anastasia Sky Photograhy
Veronica IG: @iamwildchild
Erica IG: @rocsolo1

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