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When she’s not busy planning her impending nuptials (I can be seen chatting up her betrothed in the background), Kate personifies a distinctly American dapperQ style.  In this street fashion video, she is sporting a (frankly) mad cool faux hawk.  Get that down, and you’re half way to Coolville.

Like many of us, she’s gotta hunt on both sides of the aisle to find clothes that fit (but that doesn’t mean she gives up).  She’s got a sweater jacket with great details from Urban Outfitters, a textured white shirt from Banana Republic with sleeves flowing from the jacket (that remind me of Bette Porter in a good way), Seven Jeans and Fry boots.

We hope to assist Kate in finding her wedding suit, so look for more of her soon…

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  • Oh, oh, find me a wedding suit! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease. I need one for summer. On the beach. In Canada. You thought the Jersey shore was the place to be in July, but noooo, it’s actually the Huron shore, my friends. Canuckia is where it’s AT.
    BTW I <3 dapperQ

  • I am SO totally diggin’ all of these fantastic ‘butch about town’ videos! You ROCK!!! Seriously, it is so nice to see so many different types of butch women standing up and representing THEMSELVES with such grace, humor, confidence and style. Excellent. Most excellent.

  • Hey, how about a section called ‘Videos’, so we can more readily find and re watch these little jewels? I’m just sayin’.

  • She could probably have something custom made for her, I saw two Dykes who had these beautiful white outfits with designs made for them….they weren’t the ‘brides in dresses’ or tuxes, almost ceremonial, but very dapper. Of course she could also put together a tux too, and might have to have it made to her size….Davina a Butch and works for (Marriage Equality) always had THE MOST AWESOME tuxes made for her for the marriage equality pride work we’ve done and demonstrations, blue tuxes with tails, purple tuxes with tails, beautiful and she was about the body build of this woman. I have no clue where she got them, but they fit her beautifully! Of course her wife Molly(Marriage Equality) was always running around in a wedding dress!

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