Seven Days of Dapper: Shereen Jenkins

A whole new generation is coming up dapper and 16-year-old Shereen Jenkins is here to prove it – OUT and proud with a new Seven Days of Dapper. Here’s Shereen’s stats:

I’m Shereen Jenkins, 16. Dancing is my passion and I’ve been doing it for 4 years, self taught and never had lessons. I hope to find a studio soon to expand my choreography. I refuse to stop growing as a dancer. Getting noticed and becoming big would be a dream come true. I run indoor track in the spring as well. If I could find the right agency, modeling has also always been on my mind. At some point in my life I’d like to move to New York; it’s so full of opportunities.

Shereen’s impressive dance moves

I’ve always had a great interest in style. I love putting together clothes that make people say, “That’s dope,” so I get creative with everything I wear. I’m never afraid to switch things up a bit.

Day 1: Stay Swell

Outfit Details: Dress up at school, without wearing a dress. Keeping a clean look with a dope twist.
Hat $30: online. Bow tie: $5,online. White button-up: $35, Hollister., Cardigan: $25, Abercrombie & Fitch. Jeans: $30, Abercrombie & Fitch. Shoes: $85, Aldo. Glasses: $200, Polarized Ray-Bans.

Day 2: A Day Downtown


Outfit Details: Going downtown, it’s likely you won’t go unnoticed. You have to make sure everything on you looks fresh.
Glasses: $200, Polarized Ray-Bans. Necklace: $30, online. Shirt: $35, American Apparel. Cargos: $30, American Eagle. Shoes: $80, Footlocker. G-Shock watch: $105, Macy’s.

Day 3: It’s a party, It’s a party, it’s a party, it’s a partaayyy!

Outfit Details: I’d wear this to any summer party, while jeans are usually too warm for summer, the open jean vest with no shirt balances everything out! I’m a dancer so I have to be able to stay cool while looking good.

Glasses: $10, H&M. Sports Bra: $25, Nike. Jean vest: $5, thrift store. Jeans: $4, thrift store. Shoes: $80, Aldo. Boxers: $12.50, Gap. G-Shock watch: $105, Macy’s.

Day 4: Off to school

Outfit Details: Save your most hype outfit for Fridays. Fridays are fun and energetic at school, and usually you go somewhere on a Friday night with friends where you can show it off.
Hat: $30, online. Necklace: $30, online. Shirt: $22, online. Jeans: $80,Express. Shoes (Air Griffeys): $150, Sole Classics. Bookbag: $50, Sprayground.

Day 5: Date…with me?

Outfit Details: I’d wear this taking my girl out on a date. Dinner and movies perhaps and afterwards go somewhere fun and exciting – switching this up a bit.
Cardigan: $40, American Apparel. Undershirt: $20, Footlocker. Jeans: $40, Hollister. High-top Converse: $45, Journeys.

Day 6: Adventure Time

Outfit Details: I’d wear this any time I go places I’ve never been before. It gives a sense of unique comfortable style but at the same time holding everything together in a way that clicks. People will admire the risks you’ve taken with your outfit.
Hat: My grandpa gave it to me. Shirt: $15, Old navy. Jeans: $25, Old Navy. Boots: $90, Aldo. Plaid button-up: My mom’s!

Day 7: Street Smart

Outfit Details: Not too much and not too little. This is a casual, everyday outfit.
Hat: $15, American Eagle. Shirt: $45, Abercrombie & Fitch. G-Shock watch: $105, Macy’s. Jeans: $40, Hollister. Converse: $45, Journey’s. Glasses: $10, H&M.
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