Get Your Tix to Butch Burlesque!

Monday was the last night of our Butch Burlesque class, and it finally felt better than a sharp stick in the eye! No…wait…it actually felt kinda, friggin, fun!  Maybe it was when I was running through my piece and Dom Juan, a.k.a. Lucia Matioli (pictured right), made me crack up right out of the box.

K BridgemanMaybe it was when Natt Nightly (a.k.a. K. who is pictured to the right practicing), and our teacher Victoria Libertore were discussing pasties and the relative merits of duct tape versus plaid.

Or maybe it was how Luscious von Dykester (a.k.a. dapperQ photographer Laura Turley) couldn’t quit going on about how much fun it is to get naked in front of folks.

I’m sure Hotty McHott who is pictured below (a.k.a. Cocoa Chaps and Leah Robinson) would have had something really funny to add if she could manage to get off the stage long enough to get to class! leah

Tickets to see us all get naked on July 24 at 10 p.m. are on sale now at Dixon Place. The event is being co-curated by K.S. Stevens (congrats on being named one of Go! Mag’s 100 Women We Love!) and our teacher, Victoria Libertore, who is also emceeing the event. (She will probably boss you around as much as she has us!) In addition, there will be some genuine professionals including Glenn Marla, Becca Blackwell, Goldie Peacock, and Fetchin’ Gretchin.

Time Out NY will be there, as will Robin Cloud as lesbo correspondent for Under the Pink Carpet, and Ryan Kipp and Dana Variano who are shooting the event for our short film “Butch Burlesque: Stripping Down to Everything.”

It is going to sell out so get yourself some…

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  • And now Saul Silva aka “Peak-O De Guy-O” is in town to perform too! By the way, I’m not bossy. I just don’t put up with Susan’s shit.

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