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I promise that, in the pursuit of dapperQ fashion, this site will NOT devolve into a celesbo fest. However, one can’t help but noticing that the object of today’s dapperQ TV segment looks strikingly like both George Clooney and Alex Hedison, who played Helena’s love interest on the third season of the L Word. I furthermore will not make note of a fact that all of you undoubtedly knew, but I didn’t, that said celeb played the real-life love interest of Ms. Degeneres immediately prior to Portia De Rossi. Because that’s just celeb gossip and not what we are about.

In service of dapperQ fashion, I cannot give my days to watching excerpts of when it was really hot between said similar celeb and Helena. And it wouldn’t be prudent to embed such sexual content here because it might detract from the very serious fashion tasks at hand.

Suffice it to say that Lucia is hawt, wildly stylish, and taken in this piece shot and edited by Candice Williamson. Oh, yes, and here are links to what she is wearing…


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  • I have to say I am getting really inspired about fashion in a way I haven’t been for the past several years.

    I SO appreciate this website. It is timely, on point and classy. Many people have attempted to address the butch/stud/boi/tomboy fashion issue i.e. PROBLEM, but none have done it in such a sensitive way. And by sensitive, I don’t mean we’re all sitting around crying into our drinks about the sorry lack of clothing options for the more masculine female. I mean sensitive to the ACTUAL issues, such as proper fit etc.

    THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES FOR THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!! And thank you to all the fabulous butches/studs/bois/tomboys stepping forward IN STYLE and willing to be videoed for the rest of us.

    Hats off!

  • I love how perfectly dapperq she looks, but still uses her curves instead of hides them. And those boots are going on my christmas wish list.

  • I love how comfortable and confident she looks. I agree with Motozulli that said she uses her curves insteads of hides them. The pairing of the jeans, vest, button-down & boots looks great!

  • I really enjoyed that. I love what she said about having the vest more tailored so she doesn’t look boxy. I wish more women would do this with menswear. Some mistake it as accentuating their curves when it’s really just giving a proper fit. And I agree that how confident and comfortable she was made her look even better…

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