Dapper and Swag’s Livery and Adornments Collar Chains

I’ve mentioned before that my gal is not much of a tie person. Additionally, she has an allergy to various metals. This seriously limits the type and amount of accessories she can wear around her neck…or anywhere else on her body for that matter.

She is not the only dapperQ who has asked our team for alternatives to ties. Many of our readers do not like wearing ties. And, some of our readers who actually do love wearing ties are often looking for ways to add some edge to their dapper, especially for events like a night out dancing.

I’ve suggested bolos and necklaces (unfortunately, really expensive necklaces only made from the best metals in my partner’s case). But, last night I was on Tumblr and stumbled upon Dapper and Swag’s Livery and Adornments handmade collar chains. Where have you been all my life?

Dapper and Swag

My partner is so excited that (1) the metal doesn’t touch the skin and (2) it’s a way more affordable option, starting at $12+. I really dig that the collars are a unique way to look dapper and sets you apart from a sea of bow-ties!

Peacock zoom half



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