EcoQ: Kreuzbach10 Bow-Ties Go Greener

Kruezbach10 not only designs quality menswear shirts and bow-ties for women, but since their founding, the company has been committed to minimizing their environmental footprint and working with partners that have high standards for work conditions. And, for this week’s edition of Eco-Friendly Fridays, we are so thrilled to announce that Kruezbach10 has now added a line of hand crafted organic fair trade bow-ties now available through their Eco Capsule Collection.






Here’s a few words from the founder, Anna Kunz, about the vision behind the collection:

“Although we’re proud of our efforts so far, we believe that our planet is too important to simply do the minimum to brag about being an ‘Ethical’ brand. We believe that both the human and environmental exploitation by western consumer culture is unsustainable and are deeply concerned about climate change. We strongly believe that the way forward is to radically redesign our processes and lifestyles, as consumers and as producers. Furthermore we at Kreuzbach10 don’t just want to just ride this wave of change, we want to be leaders in our industry…We will continue to work within the sleek aesthetic we defined for ourselves in 2013, just because we’re going green-er, doesn’t mean we’ll change our look. We’re committed to giving stylish formal and smart casual options for dapper dressers with a global conscience!”

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