Ask dapperQ: Where Can I Find Dapper Backless Shoes?

A reader asks:

“I’m a dapper lady, but due to a genetic foot condition have problems wearing shoes with closed backs. I wear a lot of clog-type shoes, but have difficulties finding any that aren’t either too feminine or just boring. Any suggestions? I’m in an academic/professional environment most of the time, and would love to find a pair of manly-but-interesting shoes that work with my feet.”

This one is a toughie, no lie. We had a hard time finding good options and what we did find was certainly limited. Let’s start with EagleStage menswear shoes on Ebay. They start in size 6 in men’s, which converts to a size 8 in women’s, and they offer a wide range of interesting backless slip-on mules in various styles, such as wingtip and loafers:

Backless WingtipEagleStage’s Backless Wingtip retails at $49.90

Backless LoaferEagleStage’s Backless Loafers retail at $49.90

Speaking of loafers, there are a few options in women’s sizes. Rosemax sells backless loafers made by Italian footwear specialists Riva. Their Gilt Backless Loafers are made from soft leather, are perfect for summer months, and can be paired with lighter weight cotton and linen pants (Think Tommy Hilfiger yacht, European menswear styles, St. Barth, and/or bougie dapper):

Riva Backless LoafersRiva Gilt Backless Loafers

Lastly, keep an eye out on Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon. If you search “men’s leather mules,” “men’s slip on mules,” “oxford mules,” and “wingtip mules,” you will find results such as these:

Oxford Mulesvia Robin Richman

Ralph Lauren LoafersRalph Lauren loafers via Ebay

Backless MulesThese collegiate mules can be customized at JPCrickets

But, you have to check regularly and be diligent, as many of these items are one-of-a-kind, sell out quickly, and may or may not come in your exact size.

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