Ask dapperQ: What to Wear for the (HOT) Pride Parade?

A reader asks:

The NYC Pride Parade is just days away and I STILL do not know what I’m going to wear, mostly because it’s always hot/humid and I don’t know how to dress sharp in the heat! I know it’s late, but can you give me some tips?

Do not fret, my friend. You are not the first or last person to try to solve the riddle of “warm-weather-smart-casual-masculine-attire.” First, I recommend checking our answer to a similar question that was submitted in 2012 here. The post has some great suggestions, such as short-sleeve oxfords, chambray shirts, and shorts with pops of interesting colors and patterns. We also tackled summer shoes and sandals in posts here and here. And, most recently, in an interview with Play Out underwear, I gave their readers some advice about how to dress for the hot NYC parade:

You can always pair a “men’s” sleeveless button-down with a pair of shorts, a bow-tie, suspenders, and light weight shoes or sandals. Raf Simons and 10 Deep sleeveless button downs are good examples. Great colors and patterns. If you can’t afford Raf Simons, hit up a thrift store, buy a cheap button-down, and cut off the sleeves. Of course, not all of our readers are into the traditional dapper look. Other options: Polo shirts in more modern patterns/colors (think leopard print) or tank tops with leather contrast pockets (think street goth) to pair with light weight bottoms. And don’t forget, accessories go a long way in the summer.

Here is some additional inspiration that I found on the internet:

Garielle via Qwear1Gabrielle via Qwear


Isadora via QwearIsadora via Qwear

Raf Simons

via Raf Simons

Karmaloopvia Karmaloop


via The Business of Fashion

Bow Tie Short Sleevevia Lookbook

Summer Qvia Details

MVvia dapperQ

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