Ask dapperQ: Warm Weather Clothes?

About two years ago, we received and answered the following reader questions:

dapperQ Jess writes: “So summer’s almost here, and I’m the only one in Massachusetts who’s less than thrilled. I love winter, myself: layers, sweater vests, blazers. button-downs. It’s easier to accessorize, easier to hide my chest size, and easier to wear a binder without sweating like crazy.

When it’s 85 degrees and humid, what do the DapperQs do?? I can only wear a polo shirt so many days in a row… Any advice? Thanks for your input, and thanks SO MUCH for this website.”

In a similar vein, Claire writes: “Can you do a segment on sandals? Summer is coming around again, and like every year I resign myself to wearing lightweight sneakers all summer with the occasional flip flop. I just haven’t been able to find a nice stylish men’s sandal in my size (men’s 5-6). Is there such a thing? Any advice would be appreciated.”

Since first answering their questions, we have all learned a great deal. With my new found knowledge under my belt, I decided to give my two cents worth. Yeah, there’s less than a month left of summer. But, (1) I didn’t want to let another year go by without taking another stab at answering; (2) Now is the best time to take advantage of summer clearance sales and stock up for next year; (3) It is warm year-round in places like L.A. and Miami; (4) Many people go to warm weather destinations to escape the cold during their winter vacations.

Claire, I’ve come to learn that I personally do not like sandals. But, I found some other great options and shared them in this post.

Jess, how about these options? I found the majority of the below items at Topman:





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