Aqua Girl Miami Got “Bad and Boujee”

Listen. I’m going to be honest. I’m a little “bad and boujee” when it comes to vacations. By day, I have a full-time job in healthcare and run dapperQ with all the free time I have. I get five weeks paid vacation. So, I’m an adventure traveler. I’m a luxury traveler. I’m a self-care traveler. Gallery hopping in Santa Fe? Yes, please! QPOC writers retreat at the Burton House in Palm Springs? A must. Cliff diving in Croatia? Of course! Outdoor performance of the Vienna Philharmonic while sipping fresh rose lemonade outside Vienna City Hall? Who wouldn’t? Crowded festivals? Aaaaah, I’m on the fence bout that one. It has to be just right with the perfect music, people, and ambience.

I’ve been hearing about Aqua Girl, the largest charity event for women who love women, for a few years now. I’ve been hesitant because both festivals (think Fyre Festival) and Miami (think strange crime headlines) can get pretty awful fairly quick. That said, I do have a soft-spot for Miami’s over-the-top opulence and have put Aqua Girl on my bucket list. This year, Aqua girl rose a few spots higher on that list after I saw some of the most stylish and talented queer artists, influencers, and entertainers – including Lisa Cannistraci, co-owner of NYC’s oldest queer women’s bar Henrietta Hudson; power couple DJ Monet Bernard and Krista Carter; CB Glasser of international LGBTQ party Hot Rabbit; royal Texas duo Michelle Michelle Solorzano Daly and Kelly West, co-producers of Plezzure Island; newly engaged dapper couple Veronica Paige McRipley and Erica Ragel Solomon; and Hutch Hutchinson, member of the dapperQ New York Fashion Week 2017 production crew – serving full on stylish poolside and seaside swag in Miami for last month’s Aqua Girl event!  Fashunz highlights, please…

Kelly West and Michelle Solorzano Daly

Michelle Solorzano Daly and Kelly West

Michelle Solorzano Daly in Beefcake Swimwear

CB Glasser. Photo by Kim Geronimo.

Hutch Hutchinson (left), Lisa (center), and CB Glasser (right). Photo by Kim Geronimo.

Krista Carter. Photo by Kim Geronimo.

CB Glasser (left) and DJ MO (right). Photo by Kim Geronimo.

CB Glasser (left) and DJ MO (right). Photo by Kim Geronimo.

Photo courtesy Michelle Solorzano Daly.

CB Glasser (float) and Hutch Hutchinson. Photo by Kim Geronimo.

Photo by Kim Geronimo.

Photo courtesy Michelle Solorzano Daly.

Erica Solomon(left) and CB Glasser (right)

Photo by @niadmedia

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