He Said/We Said: New Fashion Series

The latest in a line of regular multimedia fashion features, the newly launched “He Said/We Said” series showcases real world dapperQs modeling their creative takes on high fashion menswear. “He Said/We Said” is a combination of “from runway to reality” and “Project Runway.”

The Gist: I invite a group of dapperQs to model a look that they create using a photo of a menswear ensemble as inspiration. (Mila Polyak, pictured right, modeled for our Band of Outsiders shoot.) All of the models participating in the shoot are given the exact same photo for inspiration, and each is then responsible for fashioning his or her own outfit and styling. In short, I give the models the inspiration, and each model gives us an interpretation.

Each He Said/We Said shoot will feature a different look, a different photographer and brief video interviews that illuminate diversity in our community and examine fashion as cultural construct. We hope this feature will give dapperQ role models a chance to show our community how to make a menswear ensemble “wearable” by adding personal touches.

Since not all dapperQs are alike, I ask that each model come dressed for the shoot in their own vision of the look (butch, femme, andro, glam, hip hop, hipster, punk, yuppie, hippie, etc.) so as to provide us all with ideas, courage and motivation.  Our models are diverse, like our community, and range widely in their gender and sexual orientation.  He Said/We Said is also inclusive of our allies, as they are courageous enough to stand in solidarity with us, thereby reducing the fear and stigma of appearing on progressive sites, such as dapperQ.com.

dapperQ’s first He Said/We Said: Band of Outsiders, will premiere on Saturday, February 11th!

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