dapQ TV: How-To Style Your 'Do (Part 1)

If you are one of the very few lucky enough to have a dapperQ as your hair stylist, you may be comfortable asking questions about which hair products will give you maximum cool. The rest of us kinda make it up as we go along. Or learn from one another.

Readers have been asking their old pal dapperQ to ferret out the facts and in this first of three videos, I’ve tapped the expertise my very gifted stylist — Joseph from Salon Harmony in Brooklyn. (Here’s a review of Harmony from a terrific blog I just discovered called FuckedinParkSlope.) Joseph is not only brilliant at what he does, he is also passionately articulate about sharing information that helps his clients more confident. To say he has changed my life with his care and expertise would not be an overstatement.

While these three videos compare three different hard products you can use to style a short ‘do, the best information is about how to apply each. In this one, Nancy poses the age-old dapperQ quandry of the hat test. If you’ve been freezing your head off without a hat in the winter, or risking your life on your bike or motorcycle without a helmet, this information may save your life. At least it will give you more of the confidence that makes you so damn appealing in the first place.

Stay tuned — in Part Two we get a blow dry!

P. S. Please embed these videos anywhere you think folks who don’t find what they need in men’s or women’s mags can find them. Knowledge is sexy.

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