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Your old pal dapperQ is getting so much love from fella travelers that it’s crazy. I want to help every brilliant person who contacts me to advance their passion and dream (but alas, I can’t.) That’s why I have decided to launch a summaries of the many great things that your ever-voracious eyes might look to DO, THINK or BUY. So here’s my first wildly subjective summary of “dapQ Thumbs Up” — this one a an  list of things we might like to BUY or places we might like to SHOP or places that want our MONEY.

KATE ROSS — Last week found me kvelling over DISTINGUISHED CRAVAT where KATE ROSS is reinventing the bowtie. LISA RAY submitted this great photo (right) wearing her DISTINGUISHED CRAVAT.  She also wrote, ” I love my Cravat, I wear it everywhere. It is the finishing touch to any of my outfits!” Since KATE appears to have many friends, expect to hear and see more from this talented designer.

SAN FRANCISCO DENIM AND VINTAGE  – I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago and dropped by LAROSA VINTAGE BOUTIQUE which stocks oodles of high-end menswear pieces spanning decades. Then I went to VILLAINS and dropped cash, with some great sales assistance, on some raw Japanese denim from NAKED AND FAMOUS which I love.

NY MAGAZINE – Scouting the best sources for used and vintage collegiate garb, 501’s, work wear? Here’s a niche-by-niche breakdown of your best options from NY MAGAZINE.

BROOKLYN FLEA MARKET – After taking in Woody Allen’s newest flick (2 stars) last Sunday at BAM CINEMA, the spousal unit and I wandered in to the BROOKLYN FLEA MARKET’s glorious winter home (other seasons to be found in Fort Greene.) Find yourself fiending for some flannel, hankering for a jalapeno papusa, or jonesing for magnificent architecture? Next Sunday get thee to the historic Williamsburgh Savings and Loan at Atlantic and Pacific in Brooklyn. Lots of great menswear throughout (but one vendor told me the small men’s sizes go early in the morning so get to bed early this Saturday nite!)

DRIFT EYEWEAR — DRIFT is an eco-friendly eyewear line made from domestic and exotic woods.  (VELVET PARK’S GRACE MOON isn’t wearing DRIFT in this street fashion video but hers were the first wood composite frames I ever saw and I totally dug them.) DRIFT is currently sold in four stores in Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles with more locations coming soon.  If you are a dapperQ who has got a pair (of these eyeglasses!), send me a pic.

Look for a thrilling list of DO Thumbs Up manana!

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