Swagger Plus — Distinguished Cravat

DAMN! Kate Ross is not only the house designer behind Distinguished Cravat — an apparel company reinventing the bow tie — she also embodies new possibility. Her genderbending style is radiant. Like your old pal dapperQ, she understands that fashion is not a means to an end.

Check her out on MySpace to see her work the tomboy look and then see her below with matching earrings, bowtie and lip gloss.  I don’t know Kate but the vibe I get from these photos, and this video interview from 360swagger.blogspot.com,  is that she  is unwilling to be boxed in by any paradigm.  It’s that freedom that I want for myself and anyone drawn to dapperQ.

Designs from Distinguished Cravat’s 2010 Collection pictured here leave me breathless. Buy something and send me a great dapQ snap of you wearing it?

PS Thanks to Robin Cloud for giving me the heads up on Kate Ross.

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  • The yellow striped bow-tie, paired with the tuxedo button down and cropped pants, is so delicious. It’s effortlessly creative and playful!

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