Dapper Decor: Thea and Kim

Welcome to dapperQ’s new series: Dapper Decor. Personal style is not only reflected in our clothing, but also how we style our living spaces. For some dapperQ’s, impeccable interior design and decor have always been a passion. For others, creating comfortable, soothing, and stylish spaces is a new passion spurred by the pandemic and the need to work from home, shelter in place, and make living spaces more effective and efficient. In fact, Business Insider published an article highlighting how home decor sales boomed during the pandemic.

Dapper Decor showcases the living spaces of stylish queers in order to serve as inspiration for interior design and decor as self-care and self-expression. We’re kicking off our first post with Alithea Castillo (@AlitheaCastillo)  and Kim Geronimo (@TheStreetSensei) representing Queens, NY.


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Aesthetic: Mid-Century Modern]

Best tip & tricks according to Thea: “You don’t need to find expensive furniture to achieve the look you desire. You can scour your local thrift stores, salvation army, or Amazon. You’ll never know what you might find.” Thea found the living room lounge chair for $6 at our local salvation army.

Best tip from Kim: “I just let Thea buy anything she wants because she knows what she’s doing [laughs]. In all seriousness, Making a couple of Pinterest boards detailing the mood, the color palette, the furniture, and the style you want in your place will definitely help you bring your vision to life. Don’t rush buying things to decorate your place. Take your time decorating. All good times take time.”

For Kim, her favorite part of their living space is her queer cave (home studio/workspace).

For Thea, her favorite part of their living space is their bedroom.

Want more fashion and decor by Thea and Kim? Follow them on Instagram at @AlitheaCastillo  and @TheStreetSensei

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