dapQ Snaps – "Girl Meat" Premiere

As these dapQSnaps attest, dapperQs could be found in abundance last Friday night at the opening of Victoria Libertore’s Girl Meat.

Girl Meat is a one-woman show written and performed by Vic. (I was going to re-edit the photo to the right but I like the way she is licking her way out of it.) She’s one the most powerful NYC performers you’ve never heard about (before now), and while she’s not a dapperQ, she’s a lover of same.

The show made me VERY uncomfortable – not as much because of the gruesome content but because of the nervous laughter it generated.  Vic’s execution and instincts were flawless.  Here’s the story, in a nutshell:

According to legend, Countess Elizabeth Bathory is the most prolific female serial killer in history. Drinking and bathing in the blood of her victims, she tortured and killed hundreds of women. Intrigued by this true story, solo performer Victoria Libertore channels Bathory’s essence with intensity, a dose of insanity and a hint of camp. All the while exploring why as a society we find naked, twisted-up, bloodied bodies of women so damn fascinating.

Word on the street is that the show, which was sold out, has a big future on both the stage and screen.  I’ll keep you posted on developments.   Check out this trailer created by dapperQ editor Ryan Kipp, and you will gain a sense of why. (My wife Shannon is featured in the trailer and it’s her bloody photo in dapQ Snaps -nobody in the bathroom at Coney Island would even look at her.) Here it is:

I’ll be interviewing Victoria next week about her upcoming Butch Burlesque workshop. Sign up early!

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