Butch Fashion Show in Brooklyn!

sartorial summer flyer

If you don’t live in NYC, promos for events like this might make you SAD! And I don’t want to. I want you to know that lil peeps are beginning to celebrate our fashion brilliance, and that we are dancing about it! Even if you can’t join us, I hope you are fed by the fact that momentum is growing. And our newest volunteers — Laura and Alli — will be there capturing DapQSnaps just for YOU!

And if you do live in NYC, need I say more? Get on a great outfit, introduce yourself and share your ideas?!

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  • Oh, I am sad. I made little weeping sounds when I saw this. I live in Toronto and want so much to be able to go to the show tonight. But my gf and I will be visiting in October so there better be something good on then! 😉

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