Butch Voices Rolling into Town

I’m pleased to share photos by Syd London from the recent Butch Voices fundraiser held at the historic Stonewall Inn. You may not know Syd but you probably know her work which has appeared in Time Out NY, The Village Voice, AOL’s Spinner.com, The Leslie/Lohman’s Gay Art Foundation’s Archive, Ourchart and The Queerist to name a few.

The fundraiser was curated and hosted by Lea Robinson a.k.a. Cocoa Chaps (pictured above) who brings amazing looks, charisma and good will to our community. Meet Lea at the upcoming Butch Voices conference here in NYC on September 25 if you can.

Here’s a look at my piece which was much more fun to perform the second time than the first. (On a related note, I’m pleased to announce that production of “Butch Burlesque: Stripping Down to Everything” begins tomorrow — and we’ve got amazing content!)

Paris, dancing below and behind a lady friend, will also be there. Here’s a schedule of workshops and panels from the conference that Paris has also helped put together.

If you can’t get yourself to NYC on September 25, enjoy the full slide show of the night from Syd.   It’s almost as good as being within this historical venue where it felt like our community took another giant leap forward.

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  • Susan, I wasn’t there, but it genuinely looks as if you really rocked it. I’m not sure I would have the courage to take to the stage and disrobe. Kudos to you.

  • You were pretty hot as the Prison Matron, especially the final reveal in the matching underwear and sports bra! Pretty hot indeed. I would have LOVED to see all that action that night! Alot of Butch hotties indeed getting down and showing off their stuff! All body types, sizes, different races too, I really like that, helps me feel less self conscious seeing that diversity. Not just the skinny mini or all white types.

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