Represent your Gayborhood

Gayboorhood pride wars don’t end at LA versus NY rivalries. We’re talkin’ block-by-block pride nowadays. You cannot even begin to try to convince a Chelsea queen that Williamsburg is the new black, unless you say it with style.

Neighborhoodies, a line of custom made-to-order hoodies and tees founded by Michael de Zayas, lets you fashionably represent your community.  The company sells nearly 300 hoodies a month with neighborhood design requests as creative as “Ridgewick”, a mash-up of the bordering Bushwick and Ridgewood communities in Brooklyn.  Gone are the days of the generic “I Heart NY” and “I Heart LA” sweatshirts. Jamaica Plain dykes are now showing you what’s good in their hood.

Not so proud of your hood? Don’t fear- you can get nearly anything printed on Neighborhoodies apparel. You pick it, they stick it.

What I like most about Neighborhoodies is that I can dress them up to create a dapper casual or relaxed weekend look. I tend to struggle with finding a middle ground between dressy and “grocery store chic” (you know, the old run-to-the-deli uniform that consists of sweatpants, stained shirts and flip flops). Match a Neighborhoodie with some flattering jeans, hip sneakers, a blazer or leather jacket, and fierce sunglasses, and you’ve got yourself a comfortable look that will still turn heads (even while you’re gnawing on wings at the sports bar).

With countess fits, colors, fonts, images, and neighborhoods from which to choose, be prepared to spend some time creating a final product that will be as unique as you are. Then wear it with pride! Shout out to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Images courtesy of Neighborhoodies.

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  • Custom made hoodies – love it! I am hoping to get a hoodie as a surprise *hint*, but I do not want “Upper East Side” on it! 🙂 Nicely done lady, thanks for the Sarajevo shout out!

  • Cute! And very fashionable support your hood, I think that is real nice kida like an “Old Navy” type of thing and… Everyone is in those and never think what is on the front of thier shirt.

  • I can see me in one of these hoodies in my hood however I’m at a crossroads because I reside in NJ and Philly is just over the bridge..SMH guess I will need 2. Good work looking forward to more from you 🙂

  • Perfert timing sitting here with just a bit of a chill and always down for looking good!!! Need NYC NJ and Bay Area CA oh yeah maybe San Diego too!!

  • This is a very good idea, thanks for the hook up. Can’t wait to breakout murder dubs, and 69 Village on the hoodie. That’s hot.

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