Sneak Peek at “What Dyke Looks Like”

Our favorite Sugarbutch, Sinclair Sexsmith, is at it again, this time modeling for the “What Dyke Looks Like” project by photographer Kristy Boyce. We got a sneak peek at some of the project’s images, including these featuring Sinclair and Kristen:




Kristy will be photographing subjects for “What Dyke Looks Like” in New York City from Jan. 8th – 15th. If you are dyke-identified and interested in modeling for the project, contact: [email protected]. Stay tuned for more as the project progresses…

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  • I find these photos disturbing. Lesbian porn is still porn, and these photos are degrading and hint at gender violence that I cannot support. Some women may find them “hot” but these images could be triggering for women who have been in abusive sexual relationships, and yes, these happen between women. Images like these promote abuse, as well as depict it. The fact that women are compliant with porn and abuse only proves how pervasive it is, and how hard it is for most women to admit to being uncomfortable with it.

  • Gender violence?! Abuse?! What do you know about these two people? And, the pictures are obviously about a staged performance of gender, and therefore subversive. Dominance/submission are not inherently connected to masculinity/femininity. It is a performance of gender, and these are two people who chose which role to play and in which way. This ineducated way of thinking is the problem. Kristen and Sinclair are amazing in these pictures, and I believe that they represent a fun that is feminist, hot and above all else, free.

  • I’m not convinced that staging a performance of gender is subversive, nor is there anything remotely subversive about re-staging masculine dominance and feminine submission. It is a re- enactment of patriarchal gender hierarchy, which, in my opinion, makes it deeply conservative.

    Feminism is not about fun, or even -gasp- about hotness. Feminism is about the liberation of all females from the tyranny of male rule. Gender and gender hierarchy are among the most damaging of all weapons in the epochal war against women. The fact that this picture is enacted by two biological females does not make it any less an effective advertisement for the rule of the masculine.

    Caveat emptor.

  • I don’t think porn is inherently degrading, but I’m kind of with you here, Liza. It’s like, oooh, one is the boy and one the girl, and the boy gets to be on top! How fucking subversive!

    People who are super into butch/femme relationships like to say that they’re about “playing with” and “deconstructing” gender, but if that’s true, then you’d expect to see some role reversals. Right?

    But then, you like what you like, and this is just one couple. Maybe the whole series will show a more inclusive view of gender roles in lesbian relationships. I mean, maybe. I’m not holding my breath.

  • I feel like you are missing the point, and that all this anger is directed toward the wrong target. I would kindly suggest you to read more about this (and -gasp- step into this century along the way). I don’t see the point in arguing here, but please feel free to have the last word.

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