Wildfang Launches New Line of Exclusive Tomboy Shirts with Peau de Loup

Wildfang recently launched their “SHOW US YOUR WILDFANG” campaign, featuring over 20 taste-makers and tomboys from the worlds of music, television and fashion, including Casey Legler, Sara Bareilles, and Ruby Rose. Each star is rocking one of Wildfang’s 8 button-ups from their WFXPDL collection: an exclusive collaboration with Canadian designers Peau de Loup.

Wildfang Campaign

In the words of Wildfang Co-founder Emma McIlroy:

“Show Us Your Wildfang allows you to tell the world exactly what kind of Wildfang you are and at the same time be a part of something bigger,” says Emma McIlroy, Wildfang’s CEO. “When you Show Us Your Wildfang, you show us your ‘snarl’ and fill in the blank: I am a _______ Wildfang. It allows us to showcase the diversity and range of the modern tomboy, while celebrating the culture and attitude we share in common.”


The best part: You have a chance to win one of these fantastic shirts at our New York Fashion Week (#NYFW) party in collaboration with Whitney Day Events! The Wildfang family has donated one shirt to raffle off at the event. Admission before midnight includes one free raffle ticket with an option to purchase more at the door.

So, what if you’re not a tomboy? Well, just check out how Casey’s shirt looks on this here lipstick Wildfang:

ADV for Wildfang

I think my tomboy gal and I are going to be fighting over this shirt quite a bit…time to score another!

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