Dapper Vintage Style from Queer Owned Kookie London

Last November, we saw the launch of Kookie London, a queer owned and operated online vintage shop that offers meticulously curated clothing for the discerning dapper. Luke (who identifies as transmasculine) and his partner Sarah hand select the spectacular and unexpected items on the site. And, prices are affordable, which is a nice surprise, especially for urban dwellers like us New Yorkers who are accustomed to sticker shock when we go to places like Brooklyn Flea and find similar items for 3-4 times as much.

Here are just some of the amazing looks that Luke has styled with vintage items:

Asta in Jacket

Berit Fringe

Berit Close up

Claus with Luke



More about Luke’s ensembles:

“I’m a transman (I identify as transmasculine) and am wearing nearly 100% vintage/thrift clothes. The only items which aren’t are the denim shirt which is Wrangler and the belt which was given to me by a menswear company in LA where I used to work. The maker sent us the entire batch in the wrong leather. The gingham check sport coat is Centaur, made in the UK and bought thrift in Australia. The cardigan is James Aubrey Heritage and bought thrift in London. The merlot cords are Jigsaw, bought thrift in London. The plaid shirt is St. John’s Bay, bought thrift in London. The navy quilted blazer is Asos and was bought thrift in London. Everything else (scarves, ties, cravat, tweed vest & pocket square) all came from a family friend’s father’s estate down in Surrey.”

Kookie London’s Stats

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