Big Fat Flea NYC Gets Fat and Dapper May 4th!

The Big Fat Flea is an all genders fatshion rummage sale and fabulous fat community event that benefits NOLOSE, a volunteer-run organization dedicated to ending the oppression of fat people and creating vibrant fat queer culture! And, on May 4th Big Fat Flea will be hosting a fat-tastic event, where YOU can brunch, mingle, and get dapper. Here are the deets for the event right from Big Fat Flea’s blog:

Big Fat FleaModel Taniesha Matthews for the Big Fat Flea

Where/When is this event?
The Big Fat Flea 2014 is on Sunday, May 4 from 10:30am-5pm. The VIP Power Half Hour goes from 10:30-11am, and then general admission goes from 11am-5pm. The Flea is being held at NYU Law School at 40 Washington Square South. The space is wheelchair accessible.

What sizes do you carry?
The event will have clothing sizes Large to 6x and all sizes of shoes and accessories.

Do I have to pay to get in?
Yes. Admission to the Big Fat Flea is $10. Once you pay your admission, you can come back in as many times as you would like. Shop, brunch, shop. We will also be releasing a limited number of VIP pre-sale tickets. The VIP pre-sale goes from 10:30-11am. VIP tickets gets ticket holders in for the whole event.

Are the clothes expensive?
Nope. Not in the least. They are cheaper than most metro thrift store prices. And we are talking great finds from some of your favorite brands, plus smatterings of vintage.

Can I bring my boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend/child who isn’t fat? Do they have to pay?
The more the merrier! Bring your shopping buddies of all sizes and supportive partners are welcome to come! Everyone has to pay the admission fee, and the Flea has something for everyone. Really. Actually. For the first time, the Flea is making a huge effort to source men’s clothing! Shopping and fun for all!

What kind of clothes are you looking for?
We are looking for clothing sizes Large through 6x+ of all kinds and shoes and accessories. We ask that donations be clean (washed, please), free of pet hair, and as close to smoke/odorless as possible. Give us your vintage! Give us your formals that you only wore a few times! Give us that dress you loved! Give us those cardigans, winter coats, jeans, business suits, and more! But, please only give us clean clothing sizes large and up with an emphasis on plus sizes, and accessories/shoes!

I have a bag of sport socks/ripped leggings/baby clothes/size 8 business suits, would you want them?
No thanks! We aren’t interested in any of those things. Just clean, plus size and size large+ clothing and shoes/accessories, in good condition.

Are there fitting rooms?
Yes! There is a communal, body-positive try-on area behind a screens. There will also be at least one private dressing room. You are also welcome to drop trou in the middle of the room. Dress like you are going to a sample sale, easy layers. There may be some type of area for you to put bags and jackets, but it will be unsupervised.

I can’t attend but I still want to help – how can I donate money?
All proceeds go to NOLOSE and you can donate through Paypal to [email protected] or on the NOLOSE Donation Page

I want this event in my own town! Can you come here to help us put on this event?
The Big Fat Flea is all volunteer run, and though we would be happy to give you advice and answer some questions to help you plan your own Flea with proceeds going to NOLOSE (email us at [email protected]), we don’t have the resources to send organizers to your town.

Who is this benefitting and what will they use the money for?
This event is a fundraiser and all profits benefit NOLOSE.

Is this event just for women?
No, the Big Fat Flea is open to all genders and will have clothing and accessories for all!

I want to mail you clothing, can I do that?
Yes, you can mail us clothing!  We will pay for shipping in some instances if you have clean, good condition masculine clothing over a size Large or feminine clothing above a size 4X to donate. Please contact us at [email protected].

What are VIP tickets?
VIP tickets allow you to shop the Big Fat Flea a half hour before anyone else!

What do you do with clothes leftover from the flea?
In the past, we have given our enormous amounts of leftovers to Wearable Collections, a textile recycling company that donates a percentage of its profits back to NOLOSE. We have also looked into donating to social service organizations, but have not yet found anyone who can pick up on a Sunday and who has multiple vehicles with which to pick up our multiple car loads  worth of clothing! Given those specifications, if you are with a social service agency who is interested in taking the Flea’s leftovers, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss!

I want to get involved! How can I help?
Volunteer! We are looking for folks to join our street teams, help out the day of the event, and (if you have a car) drive around to collect clothing. All volunteers get in general admission for free! Fill out this 2014 Big Fat Flea Volunteer Form for more info.

How Can I Donate?
We’re picking up donations! If you live in the NYC area we will come to you. We also have a few pick-ups scheduled in PA, NJ, and Long Island. Fill out this form and we will get back to you!

Is my donation tax deductible?

We’re sorry we cannot offer tax deduction letters.


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