Masculine MAN-icures at LA’s Hammer & Nails

Finger and toenail hygiene are no longer upkeep reserved just for femmes. But, what’s a dapperQ to do when flowery smelling foot scrubs and a stack of Cosmo magazines just doesn’t sound like an appealing spa experience? Enter HAMMER & NAILS, a Los Angeles based premier nail shop that gives masculine folks the papering treatments they love, sans the feminine details:

Hammer & Nails II

Ok, ok. So, their website states that this is a *men’s* nail salon. What about dapperQs? What gives? Well, turns out that they are queer friendly and open to all genders. Hear it from the horse’s mouth:

“Our doors are open to everyone. We built the shop with men in mind, but we knew that there would be people of all genders who would feel more comfortable in the environment we’ve created than the traditional nail salon— and all are welcome…We carry luxury grooming products that most men would desire in a salon. In addition to the products used, the length and color of nails, men entering HAMMER & NAILS feel more comfortable knowing that the nail techs are experts in men’s nail care. They won’t worry about leaving with shiny nails or smelling like women’s perfume. If a woman comes in and wants a more masculine manicure/pedicure, we’d be happy to provide her with that. In the same respect, if a man comes in and wants nail polish and a more feminine manicure/pedicure, we’ll be happy to serve him as well.”

Touchdown! Oh, and speaking of touchdowns, HAMMER & NAILS offers a complimentary beverage for you to enjoy in your king-sized leather chair while watching premium sports channels on their flat screen TVs. Wait. A. Minute! This femme wants all of these things too! See you there?



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  • OMG. I wish this was everywhere. I want a short french manicure, but matt, with the emphasis on short. At most nail salons this is almost impossible to get, before you know it they’ve slapped on the gloss and a flower transfer.

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