Subzero Style: Flannel-Lined Pants and What to Wear with Them

Some of our readers believe that the cold weather seasons offer the best of what fashion has to offer: warm colors, rich textures (leather, corduroy, shearling, tweed, wool, etc.), holiday shine, and layers. Still others dread dressing for cold weather. Winter blues; wet, salty, slushy sidewalks; unflattering bulk; and depressing dark colors can really discourage some folks from getting out of bed at all, let alone trying to find something “dapper” to put on. But, before you throw in the towel altogether, consider flannel-lined pants! They are not only incredibly dapper, but:

  • They can withstand rough weather and can be washed, so you can trudge through the slush and salt in style without having to worry about dry cleaning;
  • They are comfortable;
  • The little hint of flannel that peeks out from the bottoms is super fun and will get you lots of compliments, which will put a little smile on your face;
  • The flannel lining is so much more interesting than those stained thermals you’ve been wearing to line your flimsy old Gap khakis.

So, what do you wear with them you ask? Look at all the goodies you can pair with these three bottoms:
Flannel Lined Pants

Flannel lined pants from left to right: (1) Filson, (2) Dickies, (3) Woolrich.

And don’t forget the socks!


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