Tomboy Femme Fridays

Feature image via Style Lesbia

dapperQ is tipping our top-hats to all of the tomboy femmes out there. While our mission remains the same, we understand that gender identity and presentation falls along a large spectrum – not just binary “hyper masculine” and “high femme.” There are many interpretations of masculine style within our community.

We would like to celebrate the style of all of our tomboy femme readers, who often write in thanking us for the fashion advice we provide, by showcasing sartorially smart tomboy femme inspiration that we’ve found on the web. dapperQ will be alternating this new feature with our regular Eco-Friendly Fridays series. Without further ado, here’s our second roundup of tomboy femme style from our favorite style blogs:

Tomboy Femme 7via Lookbook

Tomboy Femme 8via the now defunct Ralph Lauren Rugby

Tomboy Femme 9via Style Lesbia

Tomboy Femme 10via Style Lesbia

Tomboy Femme 11via Switch Teams

Tomboy Femme 12via Dapper & Dandy

Tomboy Femme 13via Tumblr

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