Australian Crime Drama Features Dapper Lesbian Character

The Australian crime drama Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, set in the 20s, features a lesbian character with incredibly dapper style:

Dr-Mac-miss-fishers-murder-mysteries-35201390-600-400Image via AfterEllen

Phryne-Dr-Mac-miss-fishers-murder-mysteries-35260034-900-565Image via AfterEllen

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries S1E1 Cocaine Blues (Tammy MacIntosh as Dr Mac)Image via AfterEllen

The character,  Dr. Elizabeth Macmillan (or  just Mac), is a women’s hospital doctor who came out in the series’ first season (episode 10).

For more on the series, click here.

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  • Firstly, please correct the miss spelling of Australian, it’s making my eyes water.
    Secondly, while Mac is a great character, she isn’t very lucky in love.
    Thirdly, the actress playing Mac also played a lesbian Dr in a long running tv medical drama, so she’s had a lot of practice (sadly, her Dr ended up with a man, which is a trope world wide).

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