Skin Care for Dashing Dappers Part I: Ditch the Washcloth

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Dear Dappers,

I am shocked to discover that the fairly universal answer to my question “What kind of skin care products do you use?” has been an astounding “Soap and water” or better yet “A washcloth.”

I am fairly certain if I asked you what products you use on your hair, your answer would be more than simply “a comb.” Why are you overlooking the extra effort when it comes to that dashing face of yours?

The skin on our faces is different from the skin on our bodies. You do not care for a silk shirt or pocket square or the same way you do a rugged cotton one. Consider your face to be the silk of your body. It has its own set of washing instructions!

I’m not suggesting you all fill your bathroom with eight-hundred eye creams (that would look like my bathroom). Instead, I’ll be taking you through a series of small changes that will enhance your skin, not clutter your bathroom, and keep you feeling just as (if not more) dapper than you already are.


There are all kinds of reasons to ditch the washcloth in your skincare routine. It can be quite abrasive for those with more sensitive skin. If not washed regularly it can harbor an array of bacteria, and who knows what else you use those washcloths for (cleaning counters one week and your face the next?). There are many kinds of facial cleansing cloths on the market today designed solely for the care of that gorgeous face of yours. Not to mention… they look was classier hanging by your sink than a regular old washcloth. Even your bathroom could use a dose of dapper! If you refuse to use product on your skin, at the very least invest in one of these simple washcloth alternatives:


ditch the washcloth

1. Shammy Cloth by Aveda (or your local Aveda Salon): Great replacement for washcloth or cotton balls. $9.50

2. H/E Wash Cloth by Jane Iredale (or a Spa near you): This cloth is marketed to remove their sunscreen, but it’s great for removing dirt and debris as well. Just add water and go! Perfect for those who want the good old fashion washcloth feel. $15

3. The Sponge Cloth by Dermalogica (or a Dermalogica retailer near you): Ok, so this one is made specifically for removing cleansers from your skin. I am including it because I have incredibly sensitive skin and this thing completely changed my relationship to washing my face. Other cloths can leave redness behind but this is so soft, I wash my face just to have an excuse to use it. $16

4. EcoTools Facal Sponges or Facial Buffs. An inexpensive option for skin that can handle a little extra scrubbing. $2.49 – $3.99 / package

5. Hemp and organic cotton exfoliating face cloths. These handmade cloths not only support small business, but provide a gentle exfoliation. $10.61

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