New Brooklyn Fashion Brand Kirrin Finch Breaks Gender Barriers with Eco-Conscious Collection

Kirrin Finch, a unique Brooklyn-based apparel brand, today launched its first collection of button-up shirts that combine the design and aesthetic of “menswear” with the perfect fit for a range of bodies assigned female at birth. The eco-conscious shirts will first become available through the company’s Kickstarter campaign beginning February 1st until March 1st at midnight. The collection will then officially launch later this year on

Founded by recently wed Brooklynites Laura and Kelly Moffat who were routinely disappointed by ill-fitting “menswear” and overly frilly “womenswear”that left them with limited options that fit their styles and personalities. To tackle this industry shortcoming, the two have designed a collection of fun, unique button-up shirts ranging from a size 2 – 16.  “As women who gravitate towards bow ties and button-up shirts, we increasingly became frustrated with our clothing options,” said Laura Moffat, Co-Founder, Kirrin Finch. “Traditional ‘menswear’ doesn’t fit and ‘womenswear’ is often far too feminine for our style, so we’ve created more options for people like us. Our hope is that more people can find clothes that match their identity.”



As part of the process, Laura and Kelly studied with top designers at the Pratt Institute in New York City through the school’s Accelerator
Program, iterating on designs and deliberating over each and every detail, from the colors of the buttons to the style of the stitch. The founders hosted multiple sessions with key people who volunteered to test the shirts and share their personal stories.


Of equal importance to the founders is ensuring the collection is manufactured in the United States using sustainable materials and practices. By keeping production local, not only does it reduce the carbon footprint of the products, but the duo can also keep their eyes on the shirts along their journey to the customer. The pair are using high-quality, all-natural fabrics and incorporating organic options and low impact dyes in an effort to be friendlier to the earth and the people making and wearing their shirts. “As a new brand entering the market today, coupled with the understanding of the harm the fashion industry can cause the environment, it was important to us to incorporate sustainable practices into Kirrin Finch,” said Kelly Moffat, Co-Founder, Kirrin Finch.

To learn more about the Founders and Design Team, and to see sneak peaks of the new line, head to

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