Unisex Clothing Designer SUNSUN Showcase at Fashion Art Toronto

SUNSUN custom unisex clothing, a queer-owned brand offering casual custom pieces in bright, Kente cloth, geometric, and graphic prints, recently showcased their SS16 line at Fashion Art Toronto, an arts and fashion week that celebrates contemporary art and design through runway shows, live performances, fashion films, photography exhibits and art installations. The April 2016 edition of Fashion Art Toronto titled DRESS CODES looks at the major role fashion plays in constructing identity. *Photos by Brianna Roye.

thomarya (tee) fergus 2

thomarya (tee) fergus

cynn adereti 3

fro casso 2

tasha the amazon 2


sunsun and deyla

back stage

ayo leilani portrait

latasha alcindor portrait

tasha the amazon portrait

For more SUNSUN, visit:
Tumblr: http://sunsuncreative.tumblr.com
Twitter: nocerasun
Instagram: sunsun503
Contact: [email protected]

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