GenderFlux Tees

Life of a queer fashion blogger often entails scouring the internet, hour after hour, searching for style that represents those who dress outside the binary. So, there I was on a Saturday morning, pursing Tumblr while I stayed inside avoiding the sub-degree temps and snow currently plaguing the East Coast, when BAM…this:

GenderFlux Tee

These awesome tees are by GenderFlux, a team of creatives who are not only selling t-shirts, but also raising awareness about gender identity and gender expression via their #GenderFlux campaign. Here’s more from their website:

The #GENDERFLUX campaign is to create awareness for the Gender Variant, Non-Binary & Gender Queer community.

Currently we are in PT.2 of a three part campaign that will lead up to the launch of a full scale clothing company. Not just your average clothing company, but one that will change the industry entirely.

For Pt.1 of the campaign we launched a single t-shirt designs featuring the gender variant symbol. We started with a pre-order period that lasted 10 days, and in those 10 days over 300 t-shirts were sold around the world. No advertising was in place and all promotions came by word of mouth & social media. All in all, a huge success.

On January 12th, 2015, we launched Pt.2 of the campaign with a total of 5 new designs available in black or white. Throughout the year we are planning to launch several more pieces to the Pt.2 collection, while also hosting parties & performances around the world to boost awareness of the brand and bring the gender queer communities together! Stay tuned for more!

Pt.3 – To be announced.

dapperQ will certainly be keeping an eye out on this campaign and eagerly await new products. Until then, snag one of your very own GenderFlux t-shirts, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and show us your GenderFlux by posting up on Instagram and/or Twitter using #GenderFlux.

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