Wildfang to Donate 10% of Sales to Planned Parenthood During National Women’s Health Week

Since July 2015, 12 states have taken action to defund Planned Parenthood, threatening access to affordable healthcare and women’s rights everywhere. In honor of National Women’s Health Week (May 8-15th), Wildfang asked 12 women to strip down and send a message to the politicians from those 12 states. The result is brave, bold and intimate.

“We felt strongly about this issue and couldn’t just stand by and watch as state after state attacked women’s rights. Attacking Planned Parenthood attacks us all. Affordable healthcare is a basic human right and every woman should have the right to choose her future and control her own body,” said Emma Mcilroy, Wildfang CEO.

During National Women’s Health Week, 10% of all purchases at Wildfang will be donated directly to Planned Parenthood.







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