Triad Bois: Channeling Cinematic Asian Hyper-Masculinity

Photographer and globetrotter Kim Geronimo (aka the Street Sensei) recently produced a fashion editorial series titled Triad Boys.  For Kim, the editorial was about channeling Asian men’s hyper-masculinity through androgynous style and cinematic imagery.

Kim stated:

I grew up watching Hong Kong gangster movies and I was always inspired by these men’s wardrobe choices comprising, mostly of shirts with bold prints. In Asian cultures, like the one I grew up in, the average man and woman dress so plain in their day-to-day lives. However, in these Hong Kong movies, these gang members dressed so boldly. They stood out. I specifically incorporated neon and supermarkets into the imagery because Hong Kong is a city full of neon lights. Both Courtney [editorial co-creative] and I are Chinese, and our androgynous styles gave us the ability to channel these 90’s Asian men’s hyper-masculinity.

– Dathias Godfrey (Instagram- @dathias)
– Khin Kyi Sin (IG – @khinkyisin)

– Kim Geronimo (IG – @TheStreetSensei)
– Courtney McCullough (IG – @courtneymccullough6)


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