Wildfang Launches Body Positive Collection

Recently, Wildfang launched their latest Wild Feminist collection. The collection introduces new silhouettes including a pinnacle silk bomber, a tank and button up, alongside some bold new graphics and slogans, such as “I’m a lover and a fighter!”

Many dapperQ readers have expressed frustration with brands that offer diverse sizing, but only photograph their clothing on thin models. Breaking from this standard, Wildfang photographed ALL of their latest Wildfang products on a range of diverse body types, showing that curvy androgyny is sexy as hell. Check out selects from the shoot here!


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  • Sorry, dapperq – you don’t get pints for body positivity if your line ends at xxl. As a queer beyond your XXL range, your body positivity talk shows me that fatphobia isn’t something you’re interested in tackling.

  • dapperQ is an online magazine. We do not design clothing. This is not our collection. Wildfang has more information for their customers on sizing.

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