Seven Days of Dapper: Kelli Tanner

We’re back with a brand new Seven Days of Dapper and the first post of 2018! This week, we’re featuring seven days worth of style from Kelli Tanner’s closet.

About Kelli:
Growing up was a challenge when it came to expressing myself. Being raised in the Pentecostal church I was always expected to fit a certain mold. As you can imagine, my creative freedom and exposure to what I identify with was extremely limited. Soon after I came out to my family and friends, I was hired at Czar, a well know night club in Tampa, FL. I was welcomed with open arms by a tribe of unique and inspiring individuals. Czar was the oasis I had been looking for my whole life. In my earlier years I was heavily influenced by the indie/club kid scene where the wilder you dressed the better! Now a full time stylist/educator for Tribeca Color Salons, I’ve been immersed in the fashion world in an awesomely different way! I’ve worked on many photo shoots session styling. One in particular that I have partnered with is a local fashion Haus, BLK.LabelX. His clothing features a New Goth approach to fashion, a niche I’ve always found fascinating. In addition to session styling, I have been helping my best friend build an inventory of menswear for her late century vintage clothing boutique Roller JazZ. A chameleon of sorts, my personal style is ever-changing. I like that my aesthetic is ambiguous. When people look at me I want my appearance to inspire and intrigue. Identifying as a non-binary/gender neutral person, the way I present myself ebbs and flows between a more masculine and femme look. Because I am heavily tattooed and my hair is anything but ordinary, I tend to dress on the simpler side. Clean geometric lines, crisp blazers, and leather jackets are staples in my wardrobe. I can only hope that my uninhibited style and self-expression inspires others to fearlessly live their truth.



Sunday is the start of my weekend as a hairstylist and probably my favorite day of the week. This is when I like to look my best, which is why I choose this dapper outfit. I paired the oversized vintage sport coat with high-wasted pleated trousers to accentuate my feminine figure while still maintaining a masculine edge. The suspenders offer texture to an otherwise bland outfit. This look is formal enough for a nice dinner, and comfortable enough to rock for hours.

Outfit details
Sport coat: Vintage Christian Dior from Roller JazZ
Trousers: Vintage Escada from Roller JazZ
Shirt: Norma Kamali
Suspenders: Hot Topic
Haircare: Kevin Murphy Bedroom.Hair



Mondays ,I like to keep is casual as I’m typically catching up on errands and thrifting. The colors of this outfit are bold yet understated. The black and yellow striped button-down paired with black distressed denim is perfectly complemented by oxblood snakeskin Dr. Martens, for an organic layer of texture. I slightly unbuttoned the top and rolled the sleeves for a more relaxed feel. Always classy, never trashy!

Outfit details
Top: Thrifted Vintage
Pants: DIY distressed Zara
Shoes: Dr. Martens
Bracelet: Verameat
Haircare: Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair and Doo Over. Spray onto dry hair, run fingers through as desired.



Here you can see my fiery attitude shining through. This completely sequined bomber jacket was found at a local vintage shop, Art Pool Gallery. Pairing this statement piece with a solid black tailored button-up, and high-wasted trousers gives it a more sophisticated appeal. The Monk Strap shoes are a personal favorite of mine so that was a no brainer.

Outfit details
Vintage Bomber from Art Pool Gallery
Button Up: Vintage Yves Saint Clair
Pants: Vintage Escada from Roller JazZ
Shoe: Zara
Necklace: My mailbox key
Haircolor: Pravana Neon green



Wednesdays are my longest days since I style hair for Daytime NBC before going into work. Simplicity is key so I paired this vintage boxy red nautical tee with a red long line blazer, and a pair of T.U.K. suede creepers for a little edge. I would describe this outfit as practical and harmonious.

Outfit details
Coat: Zara
Tee: Thrifted Vintage
Pants: Vintage Escada from Roller JazZ
Shoes: T.U.K.
Haircare: Fabric brand Suede Head, use about a dime sized amount, work through dry hair from front to back.



Drama is something I have never been afraid of so it was only fitting that I include this oversized cheetah coat. Under I am wearing a vintage 90’s smiley tee with a studded leather belt, and slim fit high-wasted jeans. The black patent leather Dr. Martens and my messy styled hair ties this look together for the prefect spin on late 90s rave fashion.

Outfit details
Coat: Thrift in Tampa
Shirt: Roller JazZ Vintage
Denim: Good American
Shoes: Dr. Martens
Haircare: Kevin Murphy Powder.Puff, dust onto dry second day hair for volume and refresh.



Channeling my inner Neo. the simple longlined cotton tee is easily dressed-up with this beautifully preserved vintage duster. I love the understated drama and movement of this outfit. The trendy sunglasses give this look a high fashion vibe. Perfect for the club or night out.

Outfit details
Duster: Roller JazZ Vintage
Shirt: Nordstrom
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Dr. Martens
Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe
Ring: Little Petals on Etsy
Hair color: Schwarzkopf “Ice” blush toning spray. Spray onto dry hair, comb throughout, rinse, blow dry.


If I could choose any aesthetic this would be it! Since I can remember, leather and an old beat-up tee have always been what I felt most comfortable in. This look was inspired by Jared Leto’s role in Suicide Squad. I love the boldness of the slicked back neon hair coupled with a vintage playing card tee, and pins representing various local establishments. It’s safe to say this is my “Night on the town” look.

Outfit details
Top: vintage from Art Pool Gallery
Pants: Good American
Jacket: Zara
Haircare: Kevin Murphy Super Goo. Apply dime sized amount to towel dried hair, comb as desired.
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

*Follow Kel on Instagram at @kellitee

Salon for haircare and styling is @tribecacolorsalon
photographer/ clothing boutique is @rollerjazz (Stephanie Ellis)

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