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I met Lauren Marek about eight months ago at an airport. She was standing off to the side in perfectly fitting vintage jeans with a red bandana around her neck and playing a video game on her PlayStation Vita. I was trying to figure out how so many of the people around me already knew each other and doing my best to not look super awkward. Lauren didn’t seem to give a shit about everyone else. She had a quiet confidence about her that I was drawn to. I finally said ‘Hi’ as were waiting to board the bus that would take us from El Paso to Marfa and breathed a sigh of relief when she smiled back. For the next four days we took part in an immersive photography-based experience called Field Trip and it wasn’t long (maybe the first couple of minutes or so?) before she was telling me about her girlfriend, now fiancee, Carra Sykes. If there ever was a creative force to be reckoned with, it’s these two. The Texas-based couple agreed to an interview with dapperQ to chat about each other, their style, their work as well as what’s on tap for the future.

All photographs by Lauren and Carra.



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Going to share a bunch from this set over time. ❤️☺️ #lgbtq #lgbtq🌈 #lovewins

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What pronoun do each of you use?

Both: She/Her

Can you describe yourself in five words?

LM: Focused, clever, handy, honest, confident

CS: Bold, compassionate, sensitive, wild, unassuming

Can you describe your partner in five words?

LM: Kind, loyal, goofy, stable, smart

CS: Lauren is – logical, gentle, tough, determined, unexpected



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Where are you based out of? 

We are based in a small town between Houston and Austin called Brenham, TX. We work from home and on the road, depending on what we are creating.

Do you feel that your city/region influences your style? If so, how?

CS: Ever since I moved to Texas, I feel like my style has a little more southern grit mixed into my daily-wear. It’s also VERY HOT here in the summer and most of the year, so finding a way to stay cool in how we dress is important to help us stay comfortable.

LM: I do own a LOT of boots…



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How would you describe your personal style(s)? How are they different from each other?

LM: I love basics. T-shirts and jeans. Blacks and whites and neutrals. Carra typically likes more pops of color and more statement looks. 

CS: My style feels like grown-up art school kid and soccer mom while Lauren’s is more earthy. I think I always feel like something’s missing until I put on the right hat, bandana, or boots.



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You have a joint IG account @theohheygirls on which you chronicle fixing up the 1956 Mid-Century Modern house you purchased. The account is both a time capsule of the past as well as inspiration for other DIY’ers with a passion for light, color, design and, of course, style. Are there any connections between your personal fashion and architectural/home decor aesthetics? 

CS: Definitely, we are constantly trying to curate our style and our living space. I think recently, we’ve mostly been trying to get rid of what we don’t need in either our closets or our living spaces. We created a color palette for our house to keep things as cohesive as possible but also allowing for a pop of color when we are feeling bold.



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Who are your fashion icons?

LM: My grandma (wore all black all the time). And currently everything Jesse Kamm & Elizabeth Suzann are putting out.

CS: Ellen Page, Kristen Stewart, Mattie Ross (fictional), NASA

What piece of clothing can you not live without? 

LM: Basic black t-shirt. I have so many. But they are my favorite for when I’m out on a photo shoot. 

CS: A really great pair of jeans, I’m always on the search for the perfect pair.

What’s your involvement in your community?

CS: Since we moved here 2 years ago, we have been trying to become involved with the arts community as well as the queer community. Because we live in a small town in Texas, we are slowly finding our queer-space and are excited to become involved in the local PFLAG chapter.

Anything new on the horizon that we can look forward to?

CS: I’ve been getting into creating clothing from scratch, so I’m pretty excited to see where that takes me. On the client-side of things, I’m really excited to share that I’m going to be a part of the Color Factory in Houston, TX. 



To keep up with Lauren and Carra, you can find them here:

LM: @laurenmarek on Instagram and Twitter, (website)

CS: @carrasykes on Instagram and Twitter, (website)


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