Style Dossier: Abby Luke

Welcome back to Style Dossier, dapperQ’s regular column that profiles stylish queers across the country. This edition, we are featuring Abby Luke (she/her), a queer TikTok content creator, Twitch streamer, voice actor and model.

dapperQ: Why is queer visibility important in media and fashion?

Abby: Growing up, I had limited understanding of queerness or the fluidity of sexuality and gender. It wasn’t until I moved to NYC, immersed myself in queer media, and surrounded myself with members of the LGBTQIA+ community that I began to question if I was part of the queer community as well. During that period, I followed a YouTuber who openly discussed her queer journey and the significance of her sexuality. Her life and background resonated with mine, leading me to understand that being queer is not confined to a simple dichotomy of gay or straight; instead, it encompasses a nuanced spectrum. As a result, I was able to proudly embrace my queerness when I was 22 and subsequently entered the world of TikTok. This exploration led me to find my distinctive online niche, and remarkably, my queer journey has now come full circle. Numerous comments have highlighted that the self-assurance I convey has been a source of support for individuals coming out at different life stages.

The significance of queer representation in media and fashion cannot be overstated. I’m not solely referring to token characters like the gay best friend or butch lesbian side characters; rather, it’s about showcasing the entire spectrum of experiences. Despite societal progress, a significant portion of the LGBTQIA+ community struggles to find relatable portrayals in mainstream media. The LGBTQIA+ community is incredibly diverse, encompassing various shapes, sizes, colors, religions, ages, and more. We are real, we exist everywhere, and every version of our community deserves to be authentically represented.

dapperQ: How do your platforms help create space for members of our community How do they challenge mainstream media and fashion platforms?

‘ve successfully connected with a primarily LGBTQIA+ audience, emphasizing honesty and real-time engagement, notably on Twitch where I can interact with my community more personally. We share a continuous learning journey, and my audience often educates me as much as I do them. Clear rules maintain a safe space, and I promptly address any violations. Recognizing biases in automated moderation, I take extra precautions to ensure a secure environment for my audience. Advocating for my community with the same dedication as my closest friends, I stand out through transparency, a commitment to growth, and prioritizing viewer safety. I strive to create a welcoming ‘home away from home,’ challenging mainstream media and fashion platforms by nurturing openness and community connection.

dapperQ: Masculinity is often accepted as the gold standard example of radical transgressive queer style, particularly for bodies assigned female at birth (AFAB). The mainstream fashion industry’s obsession with masculine-leaning androgyny on female-identified models only reinforces this ideal. Femmes are often dismissed as normative and conforming to oppressive mainstream fashion rules. Furthermore, femmes, both cis and trans, are sometimes accused of lacking any real agency to consciously decide to wear lipstick, heels, fake eyelashes, and skirts as a means of communicating power and authority. The argument is that we have been indoctrinated to wear these oppressive artifacts and that, try as we might, the meaning behind said artifacts cannot be transcended. Can you talk a bit about how you define queer femme style and what makes it transgressive?

When it comes to defining queer femme style, it’s crucial to recognize that queerness isn’t confined to a specific aesthetic. Clothes are simply a tool we use to express ourselves in whatever way feels authentic. They don’t define our queerness; it’s an inherent part of who we are. Embracing femininity as a queer person can be incredibly empowering because it challenges conventional stereotypes. Breaking free from those labels and societal expectations to discover our true selves requires an immense amount of courage. In essence, queer femme style is transgressive because it defies rigid norms and embraces authenticity, allowing individuals to express their unique identities beyond societal constraints.

dapperQ: How would you describe your personal style aesthetic? How much of your personal style is influenced by your identity?

I’d describe my personal style as entirely driven by my individual preferences rather than influenced by my identity. I dress 100% for myself. Clothes, to me, are a direct form of self-expression, reflecting my mood each day. Some days, I might embrace a dark, feminine aesthetic with platform heels and lingerie, while on other days, I opt for comfort in cargo pants, converse, and an oversized T-shirt. My style is fluid and based on my daily emotions.

dapperQ: Who is your biggest fashion icon and why?

Abby: My ultimate fashion icon isn’t a celebrity or someone from pop culture. Instead, it’s a dear friend and former roommate from a few years back. Their daily wardrobe choices were nothing short of gender-fluid works of art, showcasing a child-like excitement for expression. Bold colors, vibrant patterns, costume jewelry, and drag makeup were all fair game, even for a simple errand run. The contagious confidence they exuded while proudly flaunting their daily masterpieces left a lasting impact on me. Although we’re no longer roommates, I eagerly anticipate their ‘can I show you my outfit?’ texts, complete with videos. Their carefree approach to fashion inspires me daily to discard external pressures and embrace the pure joy of creating art with my clothes—no rules, no limits, just pure playfulness.

dapperQ: What can we expect next from you?
I’m currently practicing self-patience and recovering from severe burnout. My upcoming plans include regaining consistency on TikTok and re-entering the world of modeling.

Want more style from Abby? Follow @justablu across all platforms, including Instagram and TikTok.

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