Screw Shane! Check Alli Miller's New Video and CD

I am so friggin’ sick of years of Shane, Shane, Shane as America’s dyke heartthrob. I say let’s hold a new election in which we can cast our votes for Alli Miller to, instead, be crowned queen of all she surveys. Exhibit A: a new video from behind the scenes of her photo shoot for Yamaha All Access Magazine.

I had the pleasure of hearing Alli last week at the Cornelia Cafe in NYC for her Boom Tic Boom album release. Read what All About Jazz has to say about Alli’s new album here, and buy it here. (Be a rebel. Go wide. Take the improvisational jazz challenge.)

In case you haven’t seen Alli’s exclusive dapperQ production of the MaveriQ Style Series which includes a track from Boom Tic Boom, check it out here!

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  • Hey dapperQ, I have been championing you all over the internet.
    But I don’t think that body-policing comments are okay, even if the woman in question is skinny.

    We would never tell someone to “go eat a salad” so saying that someone should “eat a sandwich” is equally inappropriate. It’s true that a representation of all sorts of bodies in popular culture would be awesome, but shaming the women who are visible for the way their bodies look is inappropriate. I agree that there are lots of people with lots of different kinds of bodies who are sexy, but we don’t need to belittle thin women or their bodies to make that point.

  • I’ve had almost a decade of being reminded of this point by girl but she’s out of town so I slipped. Duly noted and amended. Thanks for caring…

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