Queer, Cute Canadian is Soooo dapperQ

Been DIGGIN’ all the love from our brethren to the North! Let’s start with Cute, Queer and Canadian whose endorsement was mad elegant:

Take the sharp-tailored suits and the handsome elegance from the lads and blend them with the fierce female form or the transcendent transgender gent and you will find dapperQ at the core of this luscious hybrid.

I gained awareness of the dapperQ fashion blog this afternoon and I love it. I want to pledge my fleeting wardrobe to it. I want this site to re-make me into a sharper, sleeker version of my femme/androgynous self. I want to emulate these ladies and gents and become, in a word, refined.

dapperQ describes itself as a fashion site “transgressing men’s fashion” — in essence, content revolves around the alternative cuts of men’s clothing designed for the self-identified genderqueers existing outside the traditional male form. Rugged charm meets kickin’ curves, amen.

Thanks Mizz Cute Canadian Moffat (pictured right)!

And here’s an e-mail from a dapperQ in Toronto: “Just found this website today thanks to AskEllen.com and I am so happy to have found a place for my people! You got any correspondents up here in Toronto? I belong to a women’s boxing gym (dapQ central!!!) And I’m sure I could convince a few dudes to pose for some shots. I’d love to send you some grainy cell phone photos of me too. 🙂

And another from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: “I was wondering if I could write some pieces for dapperQ about tips, tricks and style from Canadians I know who have suited up for weddings, and if there are any stores they can recommend with great products and service for LGBT* customers. Please let me know if you’re interested, if you have more questions or if you like the idea already.”

Love Canada (me and Shan had a great honeymoon traveling through!) and love the love!

P.S. I welcome great shots of dapperQs from Canada and everywhere. I’m getting a little jammed up so make it easy for me. Send a photo to [email protected] of awesome dapperQ outfits with a description of major elements, links to where folks can get them (if possible) and some copy I can run that describe the person’s style approach and/or challenges and advice?
And load them up to our dapperQ Facebook page if you would be so kind?

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  • Imagine my surprise to find that mug of mine up here on DapperQ — thank you so much for giving a shout out to all us Canadian fans, Susan. I am thrilled to imagine all the directions this site will take in the coming months and I am certainly excited to take in more tips for building a dapper wardrobe of my own. 🙂

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